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Scissors and Sharpening for the Hairstyling Professional

  In the skilled hands of a professional hair stylist, fine quality scissors, which are sized appropriately and properly maintained, will produce exceptional results. Exceptional results produce happy, loyal clients. Loyal clients produce referrals, full appointment books, larger fees, professional pride, and ultimately... more income.
  • Are you frustrated with your present sharpening service?
  • Do you have questions about caring for your scissors properly?
  • Do you wish your scissors cut like they did when you bought them?
  • Have you asked why there are so many models and sizes of scissors?
  • Do you want to know how to choose scissors that are right for you?
  • Want to learn more about myth information regarding scissors?

We are happy to have you visit us and learn how we can help!

We will help you understand the differences inherent in the diverse models of scissors we carry. We will discuss criteria that will lead you to selections that make sense. We can guide you based on your hand size, finger size, the kind of hair you are cutting, your cuttings needs, budget, your level of expertise, and personal preferences.

Any pair of scissors is only as good as the sharpening service behind them. Therefore, we encourage you to explore the sharpening side of our business. We want you to be informed so you can make knowledgeable decisions regarding the products and services on the market today. We want to assure your long-term happiness and satisfaction.

Thanks for being here!

An educated and informed clientele is our most valuable asset. This web site is presented, and classes are conducted at several top cosmetology schools, with education as a primary goal. We want you to know what to look for—and what to look out for when purchasing your next pair of scissors, or choosing a sharpening service.