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Q Can I send more than one pair of scissors at a time?
A Yes, just wrap a bubble wrap or a paper towel around each pair of scissors to protect them. If two or more stylists are sending scissors together, please label each pair of scissors with your name.
Q I dropped my scissors and now they don't close. Can you fix this?
A Yes. Blades can nick when scissors dropped, bumped or cut something inappropriate. This is caused by one blade cutting into the other. When trying to cut hair, the blades may push or fold hair. Continuing to force the blades to cut past the nick will cause further damage to the blades, and shorten the life of the scissors. It is best to have the scissors professionally repaired as soon as possible. Spread the blades slightly with your fingers to close the scissors until they can be serviced.
Q Can you sharpen blenders, texturizing scissors, and special effects tools?
A Yes. And as we do with scissors and shears, during the sharpening service we will replace worn parts, i.e., silencers, bearings, finger loops, etc., at no charge.
Q Why don't you offer an online shopping cart?
A Online shopping does not offer the personal level of service in which we pride ourselves. While not always the most convenient, we prefer to offer a personal fitting service. Based on your intended use for the scissors, you hand size, finger length, cutting needs, and budget, we can help you choose the right scissors for you.
Q How can I buy scissors from you?
A If you are interested in purchasing a new pair of scissors, just give us a call. Based on what you are using, and your hand and finger sizes, we can suggest appropriate models of scissors that would be ideal upgrades or replacements for you. We'll be happy to fax, mail, or email you a picture of the model we suggest, so you can see it up close.
Q Do you also sell other hair products?
A No, we don't sell perms or color, shampoo or conditioner; we don't know very much about them either. Scissors are our only business—and we know them inside and out. We are committed to excellence in sales and service of quality scissors.
Q How long have you been in business?
A I have been specializing in sales and service of quality hair styling shears and scissors since 1985. I am deeply grateful to work with some of the finest hair professionals in the world, and I sincerely appreciate their on-going loyalty, support and business.